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My Astronomy roots are long and strong, I remember my 1st time looking thru a telescope, it was when I was 7 years old, and I seen
The Moon, Saturn and Jupiter...:) WOW. I exclaimed.   I was hooked!

Nowadays with so many other hobbies, and a busy workload, I never seem to have the time for the night sky, but computers and technology helped elevate that and over the last couple of years ago,  I have rekindled this passion into almost a obsession!

With the advent of lower cost CCD cameras and computer enable telescopes
I started the quest to build a fully automatic robotic observatory in my yard...

Now, within minutes after the 1st stars appear in the sky,
 I can point and control my scope, Focus, Frame and start guiding and imaging.... 

 all from my warm office while working on my other passions of computers and music...

(I am also a musician)

The task of building a robotic observatory on my deck has provided me with valuable know-how to eventually & "hopefully" build
 a robotic observatory at New Mexico Skies
 (a "very" dark sky) Fully controlled robotically via the internet 
*donations are gratuitously accepted for this project :)

(isn't this a common goal???)
I think I will eventually reach it some day...
Until then....

I battle the Local Light Pollution and continue to build my skills in processing and image acquisition,
I have been using every tool known to the world of astrophotography to combat this problem, and I have had great success and failures,

My success has been is imaging Hydrogen Emission Nebula
a fellow imager claims "I can image a nebula from times square"
  I do not think so..:


Below is a example of my progress on these types of targets....

This is a comparison of my last 3 yrs using modestly priced cameras, scopes and mounts

Dec 2005
The Rosetta Nebula
Sac8II BW Camera and Celeston 80MM Achro Atop Celeston GPS8

DEC 2006
The Rosette Nebula
SAC10 1shot Color 3.3mp
CCD and William Optics 80MM FD Celeston CGE

NOV 2007
The Rosette Nebula
Modified Canon 350d and same William Optics 80mm OTA

As you can see even with the Local Light Pollution and problems,
 I have been able to successfully battle these problems for these targets...
What I have learned in all of this so far is Patience...sticking on a target for long periods of time,

but...this will work only so well , my tools to battle light pollution also blocks the light from galaxies,
and that reduces the possible number of targets that I can image

This will be my next battle since we are now approaching the season of Galaxies (spring)
and I will attempt to learn a new method of acquiring these incredible difficult targets from city skies

please return often to see where this goal has lead me ...

Clear Skies and Moonless (dark) nights!


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